Ok, so as I’ve pointed out before I am not a science specialist and therefor my science knowledge is not always my strongest point. I did of course learn about photosynthesis is school, however clearly this was not one of the things I learnt in school that I decided was worth remembering!


As we were in the woods, creatively making tree sculptures out of pieces of wood and leaves that we found on the ground, we initially thought that we were just making some forest inspired art work. However when Duncan then said now in your groups discuss what you know about photosynthesis my mind went blank! I literally could not remember a thing apart from it being involved with plants and sunlight… awful I know; now do you understand why I am not a science specialist?


Therefor I decided to go home, dig out my old biology gcse books and re-teach myself what on earth photosynthesis is!



Photosynthesis is a chemical change that happens in the leaves of green plants in order to make food. This reaction causes carbon dioxide and water to be converted into glucose and oxygen. For this to happen their must be light energy which is absorbed by chlorophyll. Plants absorb water through their roots and carbon dioxide through their leaves.


The glucose which is produced is then spit and used either for respiration or is converted into starch for storage. The stored starch can later be turned back into glucose and used in respiration. Oxygen however is released as a by-product of photosynthesis.








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