Wait… We’re Going to the Woods ?!

Ok so on Sunday evening, after a very busy half term, I was just about to look at my timetable and get all my stuff ready for the morning when I heard my phone go off. When I looked at it I received what I thought at the time was an extremely odd text from Jemma asking if I was going to be alright finding my way there tomorrow or whether I needed a lift. That’s odd I thought, I know I can be a bit ditsy at times but I’ve managed to find my way into university for a year and a half so why would I get lost now? After questioning her I received an even odder text saying “You know, to the woods?”. Now even more confused and slightly panicked I replied “What on earth are you going on about, what woods?” By that time Jemma was clearly also slightly panicked as she instantly phoned me, but to cut a long story short the university had made an error and signed me up to do the wrong specialisms module meaning that I hadn’t received any emails from Duncan about the module and unknown to me was about to spend every Monday for the next five weeks in the woods for the next five weeks (yes I really am that unorganised at times to not realise until the night before)!


So this stressful and panicky Sunday evening led to me finding out the answer to the following question… What is forest schools?

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.30.43.png

However this still led me to have one question that needed an answer…

What does forest schools involve? But then I guess this is what I will find out over the next five weeks!



O’Brian, L. (2006) A Marvellous Opportunity for Children to Learn. Surrey: Forest Research http://www.Forestschoolassociation.org.uk (Accessed: 1st March 2016) http://www.Forestschooltraining.co.uk (Accessed: 1st March 2016)



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